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What we can do together:

Conduct Mediation


Our Dispute Advisers are nationally accredited mediators (NMAS) and can offer formal mediated services in a very diverse range of areas.


We help individuals fully appreciate their alternatives, identify helpful options to reach a suitable agreement and avert the need to pursue a painstaking course through prohibitively costly formal processes or litigation.

Workplace Circles


We convene team discussions in circle groups to engage members in important team experiences, team reviews and team decisions.  The Circle Format invites people to express their own experiences of the work topic in discussion and welcomes all voices without judgment or countering.  


Circle work reinforces team equity and equality.  It provides open expression in a safe manner and help build trust.  It can establish or repair team connections, in particular where team cohesion has been badly impacted.

Defuse Dispute Deadlocks


When you’ve tried to be reasonable yet a situation remains in deadlock, we can help you introduce constructive steps that can defuse the impasse. We‘ll help you:


  • open possibility and
  • create options that will improve the situation.

You’ll gain insights into these blockages so in the future, other obstacles will be seen as a path to identify and create new understandings and agreements.

Negotiate Key Agreements


We‘ll take you through 5 key elements of negotiation when handling business agreements, supply contracts and other critical situations demanding strategic thinking. You can engage us to:


  • negotiate on your behalf,
  • mentor your people to be fully prepared for a negotiation, or
  • work as the intermediary to help attain the optimum outcome

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Customer Reviews

Peter was a relief from a very stressful situation and provided clarity by providing various avenues that we could go down as a business. He has a unique skill in understanding social content, and that is clearly demonstrated in his professional capacity to mediate in tough negotiation situations. Bond National will be our mediator, should we require those services ever again. Thank you Peter, you’ve gone above and beyond!

Matthew Race

My client and I recently had the benefit of Peter’s services as a mediator. His calm yet persistant manner, ability to draw out from both parties what was really important to them and help them to focus on working toward a practical and acceptable outcome, was exceptional. I will use his services again without hesitation.

Suzanne Rieschieck

My recent court appointed mediation would have failed if not for Peter Singer recommending an alternate proposal that accomplished a successful outcome. No result at mediation would have been detrimental to my financial status. I know from his previous advice me that Peter is smart and fair but this time he was brilliant.

John Rochman

Peter’s wisdom as a business leader, and insight into the human psyche and negotiation process are a rare combination that make him the perfect partner to support you in your next negotiation. My experience of working with Peter is that he is fast to understand your needs and works tirelessly to craft an approach that delivers great business, and human outcomes.

Jen Thompson

We’re here to provide you with more information, answer questions and guide you through whatever issue you’re facing. Call (03) 9523-8600