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Peter Singer
| Bond National’s Principal

Peter guides CEOs, Business Owner and Business Partners, Corporate Executives and legal professionals, through all sorts of business deadlocks.  Early in his career, Peter (along with his 2 brothers) built a nationally based professional services group in the IT and HR field.

In my work, I’m intrigued by the way people interact with others. More so when people are either under intense pressure, the success of their outcomes are vital or when they’re in dispute.

For me, the space between two people and the interaction they create may be the ultimate frontier of exploration. Its unpredictability, coupled with people’s fear of losing control, necessitates a suitably trustworthy third person to guide them when stakes are critical.  

It seems to me that people consistently take wrong choices in their dealings with others.

This may be understandable, as it takes

  • a high level of awareness,
  • an acutely developed ability, and then
    awless application of skills in the moment, to ensure interactions flow well to attain beneficial results.

I enjoy working with leaders and their people in building awareness of the key approaches that can deliver unexpected, constructive outcomes. Awareness brings creativity, enjoyment and improved production in the workplace. Even the slightest change in a leader’s awareness of these skills can make a significant impact for so many. 

Nicole Davidson
| Dispute Adviser

Mediation allows people to control their own outcomes. Done in an early stage of a dispute, mediation can be used to prevent matters from escalating and can protect important relationships. Mediation provides clients with a faster, cheaper, less stressful alternative to pursuing disputes through the courts – or from walking away because the cost of litigation is too prohibitive.

I mediate

  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Board Disputes
  • Franchising Disputes
  • Family and Small Business Issues
  • Retail Tenancies
  • Consumer Disputes
  • Aged Care, Carer & Family Concerns
  • Disability, Carer and Family Matters
  • Intellectual Property
  • Media Issues
  • Energy Wholesale / Retail
  • School Concerns

Industries I have gained direct experience through consulting work include: finance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, mining, retail, aviation, aged care, property, construction and health.  

As well as mediating, I have provided negotiation coaching and training.

Mike Jensen
| Dispute Adviser

Mediations, in my experience, are best undertaken in a co-mediation format where two facilitators work with the parties to discuss their issues. I see mediation as a complex process that requires more than one mind and sense to deliver effective outcomes for the parties. 

I also investigate and advise:

  • Claims of misconduct
  • Non compliance with statutory duties
  • Dysfunctional, ‘toxic’ cultures
  • ‘Wicked’ disputes
  • When not to investigate and what your alternatives are
  • ‘Low impact’ investigations

I see investigations as something that has to be done from time to time. But investigations often leave a significant footprint afterwards on the culture and the morale of the organisation’s people. That’s the space I enjoy working in – advising and supporting you and your team during and after the investigation.  

I have a background as a workplace relations lawyer, change management consultant and experience in EAP and workplace culture assessment.  

Maureen Cleary
| Dispute Adviser

I undertake consulting in mediation, coaching, Employee Assistance Program work and working with major organisational change projects. My work is enabled through establishing a deep understanding of the individual’s experience, the presenting challenges and the strategies that will work best for the person, the organisation and stakeholders. 

My clients accept the insight and feedback I offer as they vie me as an ally. I view the coaching and mentoring, and, through the mediation process, as a way to facilitate outcomes for clients that will work.  

I mediate in the following areas

  • Workplace disputes
  • Elder mediation
  • Aged care services
  • Family disputes
  • Organisation and stakeholder mediation

Ron Tiffen
| Dispute Adviser

Mediation work allows me to facilitate leaders to offer their best to their organisation, to recognise and deal with the pressures and ambiguities of their role and to arrive home to be emotionally available to those at home.  For me, success comes through establishing agreements that work for people and organisations who are stuck in finding the keys to working together.

I mediate

  • Workplace disputes, concerns and complaints
  • Disability, aged care and health sectors issues with Service provider and clients
  • Family disputes
  • Group-dynamic matters
  • Human rights and advocacy issues
  • Mental health services
  • Community group disputes

Organisations I have gained direct experience through management and consulting work include: managing programs in the Office of the Public Advocate (Victoria), the office of the Disability Services Commissioner and the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner. In addition, I have been responsible for designing, reviewing and the evaluating complaint assessment resolution processes in statutory bodies in Victoria.  

As well as mediating, I have provided negotiation coaching and training.

Customer Reviews

I again wanted to thank you, Peter, for my recent coaching. I know that I would not have got to that point of confidence in my mediation skills, without the practice runs I had. Your additional advice was invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending your services.

Sarah Rey

Peter is a very professional mediator and a very kind person. He devoted huge amount of time to help me in a mediation case. I would have given up without his help and encouragement, but he helped me through with great patience to achieve the best result for me. I highly recommend Peter for his highly professional negotiation skill and reliable personality.

Ne Tan

Peter facilitated negotiation workshop for Melbourne Lean In – Women’s group. Workshop was very interactive, engaging. Attendees felt that material provided by Peter very useful and can be implemented in their daily life. As one of the attendees said, “Peter simplified complex concepts with ease.” Delivery of the workshop was also praised by the attendees.

Melbourne Lean In

Peter ran a workshop on managing conflict for a group of emerging business leaders as part of a six-month leadership program we run. Peter’s style and substance were profoundly impactful and feedback from participants was very positive. Peter is a master at connecting with individuals and groups. I highly recommend Peter and his workshops for leaders looking to develop their understanding of how to manage conflict and people.

Alon Cassuto

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